Wednesday, October 1, 2008

46 Stops, 17 States

All I can say is that is it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Our great country is beautiful, but even more so from the bird's eye view that pilots are privileged to enjoy.

46 segment path:

5704 mi

ROG (36°22'20"N 94°06'25"W) KRAW (38°20'49"N 93°20'44"W) 16° (N) 142 mi

KRAW (38°20'49"N 93°20'44"W) IRK (40°05'37"N 92°32'42"W) 19° (N) 128 mi

IRK (40°05'37"N 92°32'42"W) IOW (41°38'24"N 91°32'50"W) 25° (NE) 119 mi

IOW (41°38'24"N 91°32'50"W) SFY (42°02'45"N 90°06'29"W) 68° (E) 79 mi

SFY (42°02'45"N 90°06'29"W) 57C (42°47'50"N 88°22'21"W) 59° (NE) 103 mi

57C (42°47'50"N 88°22'21"W) MTW (44°07'44"N 87°40'50"W) 20° (N) 98 mi

MTW (44°07'44"N 87°40'50"W) 4R5 (46°47'19"N 90°45'31"W) 321° (NW) 237 mi

4R5 (46°47'19"N 90°45'31"W) GPZ (47°12'40"N 93°30'35"W) 283° (W) 133 mi

GPZ (47°12'40"N 93°30'35"W) HIB (47°23'12"N 92°50'20"W) 68° (E) 34 mi

HIB (47°23'12"N 92°50'20"W) TVF (48°03'56"N 96°11'06"W) 287° (W) 163 mi

TVF (48°03'56"N 96°11'06"W) 48Y (48°59'59"N 95°58'57"W) (N) 65 mi

48Y (48°59'59"N 95°58'57"W) PMB (48°56'33"N 97°14'27"W) 266° (W) 57 mi

PMB (48°56'33"N 97°14'27"W) 06D (48°53'04"N 99°37'15"W) 268° (W) 108 mi

06D (48°53'04"N 99°37'15"W) S28 (48°59'52"N 100°02'36"W) 292° (W) 21 mi

S28 (48°59'52"N 100°02'36"W) D09 (48°49'49"N 100°25'02"W) 235° (SW) 21 mi

D09 (48°49'49"N 100°25'02"W) ISN (48°10'41"N 103°38'32"W) 254° (W) 155 mi

ISN (48°10'41"N 103°38'32"W) OLF (48°05'40"N 105°34'30"W) 267° (W) 90 mi

OLF (48°05'40"N 105°34'30"W) GGW (48°12'45"N 106°36'53"W) 280° (W) 49 mi

GGW (48°12'45"N 106°36'53"W) HVR (48°32'35"N 109°45'44"W) 280° (W) 147 mi

HVR (48°32'35"N 109°45'44"W) HLN (46°36'25"N 111°58'58"W) 218° (SW) 169 mi

HLN (46°36'25"N 111°58'58"W) MSO (46°54'59"N 114°05'26"W) 282° (W) 102 mi

MSO (46°54'59"N 114°05'26"W) COE (47°46'28"N 116°49'10"W) 295° (NW) 141 mi

COE (47°46'28"N 116°49'10"W) 3W7 (47°55'19"N 119°04'59"W) 276° (W) 106 mi

3W7 (47°55'19"N 119°04'59"W) EAT (47°23'53"N 120°12'21"W) 235° (SW) 64 mi

EAT (47°23'53"N 120°12'21"W) KPLU (47°06'14"N 122°17'14"W) 259° (W) 100 mi

KPLU (47°06'14"N 122°17'14"W) MMV (45°11'40"N 123°08'09"W) 197° (S) 138 mi

MMV (45°11'40"N 123°08'09"W) 77S (43°55'51"N 123°00'26"W) 175° (S) 87 mi

77S (43°55'51"N 123°00'26"W) GCD (44°24'10"N 118°58'00"W) 79° (E) 203 mi

GCD (44°24'10"N 118°58'00"W) LKV (42°09'40"N 120°23'57"W) 205° (SW) 171 mi

LKV (42°09'40"N 120°23'57"W) SVE (40°22'32"N 120°34'22"W) 184° (S) 124 mi

SVE (40°22'32"N 120°34'22"W) O43 (39°00'15"N 119°09'29"W) 140° (SE) 121 mi

O43 (39°00'15"N 119°09'29"W) BIH (37°22'23"N 118°21'49"W) 158° (S) 121 mi

BIH (37°22'23"N 118°21'49"W) L06 (36°27'38"N 116°52'47"W) 127° (SE) 103 mi

L06 (36°27'38"N 116°52'47"W) 0L7 (35°46'06"N 115°19'47"W) 118° (SE) 99 mi

0L7 (35°46'06"N 115°19'47"W) BXK (33°25'14"N 112°41'10"W) 136° (SE) 221 mi

BXK (33°25'14"N 112°41'10"W) AVQ (32°24'34"N 111°13'06"W) 128° (SE) 110 mi

AVQ (32°24'34"N 111°13'06"W) E95 (31°59'59"N 110°21'28"W) 119° (SE) 58 mi

E95 (31°59'59"N 110°21'28"W) LSB (32°20'00"N 108°41'30"W) 76° (E) 100 mi

LSB (32°20'00"N 108°41'30"W) T27 (31°43'11"N 106°14'13"W) 105° (E) 150 mi

T27 (31°43'11"N 106°14'13"W) PEQ (31°22'57"N 103°30'39"W) 97° (E) 163 mi

PEQ (31°22'57"N 103°30'39"W) BBD (31°10'45"N 99°19'26"W) 92° (E) 248 mi

BBD (31°10'45"N 99°19'26"W) KBMQ (30°44'20"N 98°14'19"W) 114° (SE) 71 mi

KBMQ (30°44'20"N 98°14'19"W) T74 (30°34'22"N 97°26'35"W) 103° (E) 49 mi

T74 (30°34'22"N 97°26'35"W) T12 (30°38'48"N 93°54'54"W) 87° (E) 210 mi

T12 (30°38'48"N 93°54'54"W) OPL (30°33'30"N 92°05'58"W) 92° (E) 108 mi

OPL (30°33'30"N 92°05'58"W) ROG (36°22'20"N 94°06'25"W) 344° (N) 417 mi

Code Source Location
ROGFAARogers [Muni-Carter Field], AR, US
KRAWFAAWarsaw [Muni], MO, US
IRKFAAKirksville [Kirksville Regional Airport], MO, US
IOWFAAIowa City [Muni], IA, US
SFYFAASavanna [Tri-Township Airport], IL, US
57CFAAEast Troy [Muni], WI, US
MTWFAAManitowoc [Manitowoc County Airport], WI, US
4R5FAALa Pointe [Madeline Island Airport], WI, US
GPZFAAGrand Rapids [Grand Rapids/Itasca County Airport-Gordon Newstrom Field], MN, US
HIBFAAHibbing [Chisholm-Hibbing Airport], MN, US
TVFFAAThief River Falls [Thief River Falls Regional Airport], MN, US
48YFAAPinecreek [Piney Pinecreek Border Airport], MN, US
PMBFAAPembina [Muni], ND, US
06DFAARolla [Muni], ND, US
S28FAADunseith [Intl Peace Garden Airport], ND, US
D09FAABottineau [Muni], ND, US
ISNFAAWilliston [Sloulin Field Intl], ND, US
OLFFAAWolf Point [L M Clayton Airport], MT, US
GGWFAAGlasgow [Wokal Field/Glasgow Intl], MT, US
HVRFAAHavre [Havre City-County Airport], MT, US
HLNFAAHelena [Helena Regional Airport], MT, US
MSOFAAMissoula [Intl], MT, US
COEFAACoeur d'Alene [Coeur d'Alene Air Terminal], ID, US
3W7FAAElectric City [Grand Coulee Dam Airport], WA, US
EATFAAWenatchee [Pangborn Memorial Airport], WA, US
KPLUFAAPuyallup [Pierce County Airport - Thun Field], WA, US
MMVFAAMc Minnville [Muni], OR, US
77SFAACreswell [Hobby Field Airport], OR, US
GCDFAAJohn Day [Grant County Regional Airport/Ogilvie Field], OR, US
LKVFAALakeview [Lake County Airport], OR, US
SVEFAASusanville [Muni], CA, US
O43FAAYerington [Muni], NV, US
BIHFAABishop [Eastern Sierra Regional Airport], CA, US
L06FAADeath Valley National Park [Furnace Creek Airport], CA, US
0L7FAAJean, NV, US
BXKFAABuckeye [Muni], AZ, US
AVQFAATucson [Marana Regional Airport], AZ, US
E95FAABenson [Muni], AZ, US
LSBFAALordsburg [Muni], NM, US
T27FAAEl Paso [Horizon Airport], TX, US
PEQFAAPecos [Muni], TX, US
BBDFAABrady [Curtis Field Airport], TX, US
KBMQFAABurnet [Muni-Kate Craddock Field], TX, US
T74FAATaylor [Muni], TX, US
T12FAAKirbyville, TX, US
OPLFAAOpelousas [St. Landry Parish Airport-Ahart Field], LA, US


Is going from a Cherokee to a Mooney a step up or a step down???
You are looking at one happy young man.....
Romeo is confused, she sleeps outside for 23 nights, sleeps in her hanger for 2 nights and then some stranger is in her hanger while she is made to sleep outside.

3 Reasons I Came Home To Rogers

There were several reasons I came home .

#1 Tannis was missing me so much...I can't stand to hear a grown woman cry....
#2 I was posting these bulletins on every airport for my friend Don Williams and I ran out of posters.
#3 My pilot friend Jim Hillabrand was suffering severe depression, he wanted to do a flight of 2 on my trip but he didn't think either of his planes would make the trip....I went, he couldn't = depression.

I have told him he needs a CHEROKEE...He might trade both of the planes in his hanger for a good CHEROKEE.


Bragging rights......been there done there.
Everywhere I landed someone signed my cowling...

The signature of my son when I landed at Rogers...note the Mooney 201PX at the end. What is that all about???? Check my blog tomorrow for details.


When I landed my son Bodie was there to sign my cowling....
A very tired, but happy pilot....
Romeo will get to sleep inside for the first time in 24 days....

Getting Close to Home.....ROG

I have seen some beautiful country on the first leg of my trip...BUT...

NW AR. is beautiful all my pilot friends who have been following my adventure, you have the offer to come to visit our beautiful and board provided....I will make you a gumbo.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

North OF OPL, 6500 Ft 8 AM Beautiful

Morning flying is very hard to beat!!!

Unless it is evening flying.....or middle of the day flying...or night flying....flying is always GOOD.
If you're faced with a forced landing, fly the thing as far into the crash as possible.
(Bob Hoover)

Opelousas LA. OPL

I landed at Opelousa for fuel.

It was getting late, I was going to fly on to New Orleans area and spend the night.

There were some issues with the fuel pump, so I decided to just spend the night. Well as luck would have it, all the motel rooms in the area were taken because of the hurricane several weeks ago.
But that was no problem for the prepared, cross country traveller, I had a pilots lounge with high speed internet, a nice couch for my sleeping bag, a good book to read, Without Fail by Lee Child.......all the comforts of home. Life is good.

Airplane Cockpit

This is what us pilots are looking at as we fly.

This is a Garmin 496, see the little airplane on the screen? That shows my position. With the GPS I am able to program in where I want to go, the GPS draws a line to that place. You can also subscribe to real time weather on the 496...
My 140 has a very clean, easy to use panel.

When a flight is proceeding incredibly well, something was forgotten.
(Robert Livingston, "Flying The Aeronca")

Monday, September 29, 2008


When I landed in Lordsburg,NM there was a KITFOX there.

I went to lunch and to visit the ghost town, when I got back the KITFOX was gone.
My next stop was in El Paso, Horizon City. When I landed, there was the KITFOX again.

I met the proud new owners, Marilynn and George McDowell, they are from Houston, TX. they bought the KITFOX in California and were flying it home.

They left and I visited the musuem. I decided to fly some more, I headed to Pecos TX. to spend the night. When I was about 20 out and called in to the unicom, who do you think was doing the same. Yep, it was the KITFOX. We shared a courtesy car and found the last 2 rooms in Pecos.